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Adhesive Peel Force Tester - Ziegler FT-1000


Adhesive Peel Force Tester
according to FINAT and AFERA

The adhesive force testing unit ZIEGLER FT-1000 is adapted to the requirements of manufacturers and users of adhesive and self–adhesive (pressure sensitive) materials and complies with the demands of the test standards or the technical terms of delivery, the specifications of which are published by FINAT* and AFERA**.

Supports FINAT Test methods No. 1, 2, 3, 9, 10 and 11.

Operating principle: The device operates according to the principle of a horizontal pulling test device, equipped with a mobile clamp designed as sample desk and a fixed clamp equipped with a load cell.

Peel adhesion measurement of label
material (180°) at 300 mm per minute

FINAT FTM 2 (Option)
Peel adhesion measurement of label material (90°)
at 300 mm per minute

Determination of the force required to separate self–adhesive
laminates, i.e. Low speed release force (180°) at 300 mm per minute

FINAT FTM 9 (Option)
"Quick-Stick" Initial adhesion

FINAT FTM 10 und 11
Quality test of silicone coated substrates for
self–adhesive laminates: subsequent adhesion

Examinable materials:

  • Friction foils
  • Adhesive foils
  • Adhesive tapes with separating agent
  • Adhesives
  • Labels
  • Self-adhesive foils
  • Security labels
  • Sealing materials
  • Packaging strap of paper, synthetics, textile and metal
    as well as materials with related characteristics


Force measurementThe testing device is equipped with two load cell sensors with measuring range 5N and 50 N.
Drive mechanismThe sample desk is driven by a long life speed-regulated direct current motor.
Standard of the sample desk velocity is 300 mm/min, 50/300/1000 and 60 - 990 mm/min in steps of 10 mm/min are selectable.
DisplayThe Display shows the measured mean tensile force.

Reading accuracy:
Measuring range 5 N, 0.001 N
Measuring range 50 N, 0.01 N
AccuracyForce measuring: < 1% of the reading value +/- 2 Digits
Velocity: < 2% of the selected velocity
Voltage100 - 240V AC / 50 - 60 Hz / 30VA
DimensionsW x D x H - 410 x 280 x 140 mm
Weight8,0 kg
Data connectionUSB port
Data Acquisition
  • Software FTSOFT for Windows® 7, 8
    and Windows® 10 (32-bit und 64-bit versions)
  • Fast data transfer
  • high degree of comfort when working with your data
  • Well-structured measurement log with graphical display
  • The program allows for individual, multiple and consecutive measurements
  • The clear and intuitively arranged menus reduce the training period to a minimum
  • Less storage space (2-3 MB)
  • Sample plate of float glass 200 x 100 x 2 mm
  • Sample plate of stainless steel 200 x 100 x 2 mm
  • Software FTSOFT for Windows® 7, 8 (data capture, analysis and save to file)
extra charge
  • FINAT-Pinch roller 2 kg
  • Quick-Stick sample plate
  • 90°-Equipment
  • Foil holder
  • Paper clamp
FT-1000 H
Option - ZIEGLER FT-1000H with heated sample desk  Heated sample desk maximum 100°C/212°F

* Féderation internationale des fabricants et transformateurs d'adhésifs et thermocollants sur papiers et autres supports.
** Afera, the European Association for the Self Adhesive Tape Industry