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Peel Force Tester - Ziegler FTM 8-96

FTM 8-96

Shear tester according to FINAT* FTM-8 with 96 test places

The ZIEGLER shear tester FTM 8-96 with 96 test stations according to FINAT* test methods FTM 8 is designed according to the principle of a vertical pull-out cupboard. In this way, the 96 test stations can be integrated into the laboratory in a clear and space-saving manner.

A test panel is hung in the holder according to the test method. After being pressed against the sample plate, the free end of the strip is loaded with the weight using the pressure roller. At the end, the time is documented in which the strips fell off the test plate.

Each test station can be equipped with sample plates measuring
50x50mm, t = 2-5mm. The test stations can each be loaded with weights from 200g to 2kg. The time is measured via microswitch contacts. The time display of the 96 test stations can be read with software on an external PC with a USB port. The sample identification at the respective test station is marked with a number or a designation field "Sample identification" in the software belonging to the device.

FTM 8-96 pull-out frame side view


  • 96 test places
  • Weights per sample place: 200g to 2g
  • Compact accommodation of many different samples
  • Base frame with floor/wall assembly, RAL powder-coated
  • Clear monitoring in the Schertest FTM 8-96 software

  • Scope of Delivery:

  • Base frame floor/wall mounting
  • 12 pull-out frames, each with 8 test stations
  • 100 sample triangles 3mm for sample holder
  • 100 sample plates stainless steel, 50x50mm, groove/crack line at 25mm
  • ZIEGLER hand roller according to FINAT*, 2kg, for sample preparation
  • Software for external PC with Windows® 10-11
  • Manual
  • USB connection with software for evaluation on the PC

  • Technical Data:

  • Dimensions of base frame W 1.60m x H 1.81m x D 0.40m
  • Dimensions of pull-out frame H 1.29m x D 0.35m
  • Weight 200kg
  • Power: USB port

  • Software:

    In the shear test FTM 8-96 software you get an overview of the shear status and the elapsed time of each individual sample.

    FTM 8-96 software

    * Féderation internationale des fabricants et transformateurs d'adhésifs et thermocollants sur papiers et autres supports.