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SAFT Schertester


Shear adhesion failure temperature heated oven shear tester according to Afera** 5013, PSTC-17 and ASTM D 4498

The ZIEGLER SAFT-24 (Shear Adhesion Failure Temperature or Resistance to shear from a standard surface) is a shear tester and was developed for vertical shear tests of self-adhesive materials on test panels and their ability to withstand high temperatures. In accordance with PTSC-17, a shear test is carried out with constantly increasing temperature. Samples are tested in the oven for temperature control and monitoring.

The shear force tester tests the resistance of a pressure-sensitive adhesive to static loading in the plane of the label material. You will receive information on the interpretation of the type of fracture, such as adhesive or cohesive fracture. An electric, remote-controlled lifting platform is integrated. This enables the uniform and simultaneous loading of all samples to be tested.

The test conditions are defined in advance. The SAFT tester corresponds to the specifications and test requirements of various institutions (see list on the right).

    Specifications and test requirements:

  • Afera** 5013 Shear Adhesion Failure Temperature (SAFT) of Adhesives Tapes (with heat)
  • Afera** 5012 Self Adhesive Tapes,
    Measurement of Static Shear Adhesion (without heat)
  • PSTC-17*** Shear Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Tape
  • ASTM**** D 4498, Standard Test Method for Heat-Fail Temperature in Shear of Hot Melt Adhesives
  • FINAT* FTM 8 (without heat)

Recording for examinees:

  • 24 test stations for test weights
  • 24 test weights each 500g + 24 ring weights each 500g
  • 50 sample triangle
  • 2 guide rails for mounting in the cabinet

Software and manuals:

  • ZIEGLER Software SAFT-24 for MS Windows® 10-11
  • SAFT Tester Manual
  • SAFT-24 software manual

Software SAFT-24:

The testing of the samples is carried out using the included SAFT-24 software. The program offers you maximum comfort when processing your data. The clear and intuitively designed user interface convinces by reducing the training to a minimum of time. Within the software, 24 test stations can be edited and checked individually.

More features:

  • Exact user specification of test properties
  • Status overview of samples
  • Real-time diagram of temperature development
  • Extensive input options
  • Excel export
  • Printing the test report
  • And many more...

  • SAFT Software Screenshot

    Technical Data

    Dimensions: B 1035 mm x H 985 mm x T 900 mm.
    Total weight including lift installation,
    without test weights:
    180 kg
    Oven weight: 131 kg
    Diameter exhaust pipe outside: 52 mm
    Temperature range: 25-220 °C
    Interior lighting: 30 W
    Diameter viewing/door window: 2x à 350 x 240 mm
    Query of the switching contacts: 24-channel DIO USB interface
    Lift drive: 24V-/2A
    Data transmission: RS422 USB interface
    Voltage: 230 V (+/- 10 %) 50/60 Hz
    Rated Power: 2,7 kW
    Connection: Safety plug
    Fuse: 16 A extern
    Lifting device: 24-way switching unit
    Ventilation: Connection for forced ventilation/exhaust air

    * Féderation internationale des fabricants et transformateurs d'adhésifs et thermocollants sur papiers et autres supports.
    ** Afera, the European Association for the Self Adhesive Tape Industry
    *** Pressure Sensitive Tape Council
    **** ASTM, American Society for Testing and Materials