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Peel force tester - Ziegler FT-1000H


Adhesion tester with heated sample table according to the test standards of FINAT* and Afera**

The ZIEGLER FT-1000H adhesion tester is tailored to the requirements of manufacturers, processors and users of adhesive composite materials. Its specifications correspond to the FINAT* and Afera** test standards. The device is a tensile tester that allows you to test the adhesion of materials according to these testing standards.

Prüfbare Materialien:

  • Friction films
  • Cling films
  • Adhesive tapes with release material
  • Adhesives
  • Labels
  • Self-adhesive films
  • Security stickers
  • Seal materials
  • Packaging straps made of paper, plastic, textile and metal and materials with related properties

Working principle: The device is designed as a horizontal tensile tester. The sample table is equipped with a movable clamp with constant feed, while the fixed clamp is rigidly coupled to the load cell. This can be used to measure properties such as release force and peel strength at a peel angle of 180°.

The FT-1000H can be used in stand-alone mode (average value at a given speed). The software (compatible with Windows® 10-11) which records, evaluates, saves, prints and exports the measured values, is used for further processing of the data.

Test methods

The following tests of the properties of pressure-sensitive adhesives and pressure-sensitive composite materials are supported:

Peel strength measurement at
pull-off angle 180° with a pull speed of 300 mm/min

Measurement of the separation force at
pull-off angle 180° with a pull speed of 300 mm/min

FINAT* FTM 10 and 11
Measurement of the release force and residual adhesion of silicone-coated self-adhesive materials

Equipment for addtional charge

  • Foil holder
  • Paper clip

  • Technical Data

    Force measurement: The bond strength tester is equipped with two highly sensitive DMS measuring cells in the measuring ranges 5 and 50 N.
    Drive: The sample table is driven by an electronically tachometer-controlled, durable precision DC motor.
    The standard pulling speed is 300 mm/min, 50/300/1000 and 60 - 990 mm/min can be selected from the front.
    Force display: The mean tensile force determined is shown on the display of the measuring device.

    Reading accuracy:
    Measuring range 5 N, 0.001 N
    Measuring range 50 N, 0.01 N

    Accuracy: Force measurement: < 1% of reading +/- 2 digits
    Speed: < 2% of the selected speed
    Operating voltage: 100 - 240V / 50 - 60 Hz / 30VA
    Dimensions: L 410 x W 280 x H 140 mm
    Weight: ca. 8,0 kg
    PC connection: USB port
    Integrated options and accessories:
    • 50, 300, 1000mm/min
    • 60 - 990mm/min
    • Surface heated feed plate - up to 80°C
    • 2-channel version 5 N and 50 N load cell
    • Sample plate float glass 200 x 100 x 2 mm
    • Sample plate stainless steel VA 200 x 100 x 2 mm
    • FTSOFT software for data acquisition, graphic display, evaluation, storage and printing, individual measurement logs and Excel export
    Temperature: The temperature of the heated sample stage is kept constant at the set value by the built-in temperature controller.
    The temperature ranges from the ambient temperature to a maximum of 80°C.
    If a higher temperature is set, the controller switches the heating off at 90° C and on again at 80°C.
    Data Acquisition:
    • Software FTSOFT compatible with Windows® 10-11
    • Fast data transfer
    • Unlimited number of measurements
    • Clear measurement log with graphic representation
    • Maximum convenience when processing your data
    • Reproducible readings
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Mouseover tooltips
    • Reduces training to a minimum of time
    • Service and Support

    * Féderation internationale des fabricants et transformateurs d'adhésifs et thermocollants sur papiers et autres supports.
    ** Afera, the European Association for the Self Adhesive Tape Industry